Located at an elevation of 14200 feet (4270 meters) in the village of Kibber, lying in a narrow valley on the summit of limestone rock. Kibber is famous for its cold desert wildlife sanctuary. Kibber village is also the world’s second-highest motorable village in the world. The landscape of the village is unique and a photographer’s delight as it is surrounded by the limestone rock mountains and green fields where the villagers grow wheat, potatoes, and sweet peas. Kibber is famous for sightings of snow leopards during winter months and wildlife photographers from around the world come here to try and take pictures of this elusive cat. The village has a post office, a school, and a primary health care center.

Transportation is a challenge in Kibber due to underdeveloped roadways. You can avail the regular bus service that connects Kibber to Kaza or travel by shared taxi. But it is advisable to have your own mode of transport if you don’t intend to walk. But with all its limitations, Kibber is a must-visit for all the surrounding mountain range, green meadows, and all its natural beauty.

The village holds great significance for Buddhists as the teacher of current Dalai Lama, Serkong Rimpoche died here in late 80s. The best time to visit Kibber is from mid of May to end of September. For adventure lovers day hikes are available to Chicham, Gette and Tashigang Village. If you are spending a night in Kibber, you will ne awarded with magnificent views of the sky at night and can spot the milky way with naked eye. For travelers there are no fancy hotels but lot of comfortable home stays available.

Location: Lahaul and Spiti District.
Distance from Spiti: 
18.4 kms (40 minutes approximately)
Distance from Manali:
 185.5 kms (4 hours 50 minutes approximately)
Mobile Connectivity:
11.5 °C (average temperature during summers), -9.5 °C (average temperature during winters)

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